Check that all trees in the tree sequence are fully coalesced

ts_coalesced(ts, return_failed = FALSE)



Tree sequence object of the class slendr_ts


Report back which trees failed the coalescence check?


TRUE or FALSE value if return_failed = FALSE, otherwise a vector of (tskit Python 0-based) indices of trees which failed the coalescence test


check_dependencies(python = TRUE) # make sure dependencies are present

# load an example model with an already simulated tree sequence
slendr_ts <- system.file("extdata/models/introgression.trees", package = "slendr")
model <- read_model(path = system.file("extdata/models/introgression", package = "slendr"))

# load the tree-sequence object from disk
ts <- ts_load(slendr_ts, model, simplify = TRUE)

ts_coalesced(ts) # is the tree sequence fully coalesced? (TRUE or FALSE)
#> [1] TRUE

# returns a vector of tree sequence segments which are not coalesced
not_coalesced <- ts_coalesced(ts, return_failed = TRUE)